True Belonging: Mindful Practices to Help You Overcome Loneliness by Jeffrey Brantley, MD and Wendy Millstine, NC


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We are social beings designed for interdependence, attachment, and bonding. Although technological advancements have allowed us to have nearly instant contact with everyone in the world, there is substantial evidence that people feel more lonely and isolated than ever before. This book is specifically aimed at anyone who feels disconnected or alone who longs for richer relationships and a deeper sense of connection with others.

In True Belonging, readers learn to free themselves of loneliness and a sense of isolation through mindfulness exercises that foster a feeling of unity and connectedness. This book shows us that we are more connected than we might think. Instead of seeing the outside world as something completely apart from oneself, readers come to notice and explore their interdependence with all of life, and learn to treat themselves more kindly and make contributions to ensure the well-being of others. These practices offer practical tools for helping readers shift their view from one of disconnection and isolation and to a more mindful and compassionate perspective. In the wake of breakups, deaths, depression, and day-to-day malaise, this book of simple exercises and meditations can help readers see that all moments are alive with possibility, and we as individuals are connected to the world around us.

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