Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 5 CD set by Jeffrey Brantley, MD


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by Jeffrey Brantley, MD - Director of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; Consulting Associate, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

MBSR CD set:
Mindfulness is a basic human capacity. It is an awareness that arises as you pay attention on purpose with a kind, allowing, and non-judging attitude to both inner and outer experience in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness empowers you to discover the important connection between being present with awareness and the process of healing and transformation in your life.

Awareness of Breathing:
On this CD, you will learn to develop and apply mindfulness to the experience of breathing. Using the sensations of your own breath as an object of meditation, you will learn to cultivate a calm and steady attention, and to connect and maintain contact with your breath and other experiences as they unfold in the present moment.
Instruction by Jeffrey Brantley, MD, DFAPA.

Body Scan and Walking Meditation:
With this CD, you will learn to practice mindfulness with body sensations and the activity of walking as the objects of meditation. Learning to reconnect with your bodily experience in a mindful way is a powerful ally in managing stress, healing, and opening to the richness of life.
Instruction by Jeffrey Brantley, MD, DFAPA.

Loving-Kindness Meditation:
On this CD, you will learn to practice a meditation method that nourishes and strengthens the inner qualities of friendless and kindness. By practicing this method of loving-kindness meditation, you will also strengthen your power of concentration. This enhancement of kindness and concentration provides a powerful support to your ability to be present with awareness in all situations.
Instruction by Mary Mathews Brantley, MA, LMFT

Mindful Yoga: Standing Series and Floor Series
Yoga is a powerful mindfulness practice that helps you nurture awareness of your body as you move through a series of positions and exercises. Done on a regular and consistent basis, mindful yoga can lead to enhanced flexibility, strength, and openness in the body, and to a much more grounded application of awareness.
Instruction by Kimberly Carson, MPH

Mindfulness of Sensory Experience and Choiceless Awareness Meditation:
With this CD, you will learn to practice mindfulness with any sense experience- sights, sounds, smells, tastes, body sensations, and even thoughts and emotions. Using this base, you will learn a meditation practice called choiceless awareness. In this meditation, kind and allowing attention is focused on whatever experience is in the immediate foreground in the present moment. Practicing this meditation can bring deep insight into the truth of change and a wise understanding of the deepest habits of reaction and disconnection
Instruction by Jeffrey Brantley, MD, DFAPA

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