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Yoga Link | Hip Helpers - Harmonizing the Hips from Inside Out exercises the hips from all directions. These techniques free the legs and hips and improve overall flexibility, stability, coordination and health. A perfect complement to your current yoga, dance or fitness practice. There is also a special focus on loosening the psoas, a frequently tight and restricted primary hip flexor muscle. “Lengthening and liberating the psoas is key to releasing tension and pain throughout the body because its health directly impacts our posture. It's like a cable that hooks the spine to the legs,” explains Jill. “It also shares attachments with the diaphragm and large intestine, so it's connected to our physiology and our nervous system in a way that other muscles are not. It's truly a vortex that affects the entire well being of the body. You’ll get better results unwinding other areas of the body if you loosen the psoas muscles first.”

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